Dracula, 21-24 July 2021

Brighton Open Air Theatre - Dracula was originally scheduled for 2020 but was held over to 2021 due to the COVID pandemic

"I looked out and saw them in the full moonlight. White teeth. Red tongues"

Bram Stoker's DRACULA - the pinnacle of Victorian Gothic and a classic of English literature - a mixture of horror, obsession, wild fantasy, fear of the unknown with a troubling sexual undertone running through the narrative.

The novel is told in fragments of diary entries, notebooks and recollections, and in this version Liz Lochhead has honoured this structure as the action moves swiftly between Heartwood House in Whitby, Bedlam Asylum in London, Castle Dracula in Transylvania, Highgate Cemetery and the private apartments of Doctor Seward.

Following our BOAT productions of Blue Remembered Hills, The Crucible and Wuthering Heights, Identity return to this beautiful theatre with this poetic adaptation.

Although this version changes some aspects of the original (Lucy and Mina are sisters here rather than friends) it is always respectful of the novel, focusing on the home life of those affected by the arrival of the plague in the form of Vampirism.

▶︎ "Creative use of the space with clever set construction and zoning. Acting fabulous from every single member of the cast, make-up

     outstanding, sound and lighting expertly done adding great atmosphere throughout. Another excellent production from

     Identity Theatre" - email to the Company

▶︎ "Directed by Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook for Identity Theatre, Dracula marks a joyously dark return to BOAT ... this production

     reminding us of IT’s professional-level outstanding shows: Blue Remembered Hills (2017) The Crucible (2018) and Wuthering Heights.

     Identity Theatre’s a class apart; there’s enough of that here to show why –  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW - Fringe Review

▶︎ "Thrilling and with a lightness of touch suited to the outdoor space - with some genuinely funny touches for light relief!" -

     Audience feedback

▶︎ "Fabulous casting, direction, costumes and sound brings the eerie Gothic tale to the BOAT this week - catch it before it dissolves

     in smoke! - Audience feedback

Adam Macrae

Vlad Dracula

Kane Magee

Jonathan Harker

Ria Fay


Bee Mitchell-Turner


Heloise Bliss

Lucy / Bride

Trefor Levins


Kate Stoner

Nurse Grice / Nurse Nisbett

Sam Razavi

Doctor Seward

Dave Balfe

Van Helsing

Andrew Wesby

Orderly Drinkwater / Set

Gary Cook

Director / Producer / Designer

Nettie Sheridan

Director / Producer

All production photography by Miles Davies