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▶︎ We are pleased to announce that we will return
     to Brighton Open Air Theatre in June 2023

▶︎ 2022 has seen us take a "gap year" to take stock
     of the post-pandemic landscape and let the
     world catch up with us, our mad enthusiasms
     and theatrical wonderments.

▶︎ More details will follow soon - keep an eye on
     this website and our facebook group for
     announcements, castings and other shenanigans.

▶︎ See you soon, love from Gary & Nettie x

Identity's DRACULA, 2021

▶︎ "Creative use of the space with clever set construction and zoning.
    Acting fabulous from every single member of the cast, make-up
    outstanding, sound and lighting expertly done adding great atmosphere
    throughout. Another excellent production from Identity Theatre" -

    email to the Company


▶︎ "Directed by Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook for Identity Theatre,
    Dracula marks a joyously dark return to BOAT ... this production

    reminding us of IT’s professional-level outstanding shows:

    Blue Remembered Hills (2017) The Crucible (2018) and
    Wuthering Heights. Identity Theatre’s a class apart; there’s enough

    of that here to show why –

▶︎ "Thrilling and with a lightness of touch suited to the outdoor space - with
    some genuinely funny touches for light relief!" -

    Audience feedback


▶︎ "Fabulous casting, direction costumes and sound brings the eerie Gothic
    tale to the BOAT this week - catch it before it dissolves in smoke! -
    Audience feedback

Identity's WUTHERING HEIGHTS, 2019

▶︎ "Amazing! Absolutely loved it ... completely enthralled from beginning to end" -

     Audience Feedback


▶︎ "It's more vividly mobile than any TV version... this production sails effortlessly into a top

     recommendation... there mightn't be a finer adaptation at BOAT this year. See it if you can" -



▶︎ "Well done crew and cast - really amazing adaptation" - email to the Company


▶︎ This particular production from Identity Theatre Company boasted a strong and talented cast,

     with every actor balancing the darkness of the script with its moments of sharp and

     sarcastic humour extremely well ... A dark, memorable, and confident production of

     Brontë’s novel, brought to the stage by a solid cast and tight direction from Nettie Sheridan

     and Gary Cook ... Lois Zoppi, City Girl Review


▶︎ "Amazing performances and a stunning production... Identity go from strength to strength -

     Audience Feedback


▶︎ "Thoroughly enjoyed Identity Theatre's Wuthering Heights at BOAT. Brilliantly cast, superb but subtle choreography by main
    characters Cathy and Heathcliff, the atmosphere of the moors well set... directors and cast made the most of the unique setting
    of the venue to add magic to this wonderful tale of love and jealousy." - email to the Company

Identity's THE CRUCIBLE, 2018

▶︎ "What a fantastic production- huge congratulations to [directors] Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook and all the cast. Some stunning and strong performances. A great cut of the play too. This is my favourite version" - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "Compelling and dramatic ... heartfelt ... enthralling ... as appropriate as it was seventy years ago" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby


▶︎ "Not just good but brilliant. We really enjoyed it" - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "This masterpiece of courageous refusal gets a rivetingly fine production ...

energy radiates through a superbly lucid, passionately argued production"


▶︎ I made a 200 mile round trip to see this [...] it was worth every inch of the journey.

I loved it. Congratulations to all the performers and particularly the young members of the company. Thanks for a great show." - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "You know when you watch a great film or read a book and it stays with your long after you finished watching or reading.. well this performance was just like that. Most excellent it was" - email to the Company



▶︎ ✭✭✭✭ - Brighton Argus

▶︎ "outstandingly performed by an excellent cast" - feedback form


▶︎ "This is by any standards a remarkable production that at BOAT has

found its time and avatar. Sheridan and Cook lead a production that takes

Blue Remembered Hills back to somewhere near its source" - Fringe Review


Praise for Southwick Players' Blue Remembered Hills
(same creative team & 6/7 cast) at The Barn Theatre, 2016:


▶︎ "Absolutely Amazing" - Trevor Jones, Brighton and Hove Arts Council


▶︎ "Outstanding" - Chichester Herald

▶︎ "Sadistic and ferocious ... tremendous pathos" - Brighton Argus


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Identity Theatre is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in all roles and other participation in the company.